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We work with business owners and managers with sales, leasing, property management and the development of commercial property assets. Our offerings are highly personalised, and include appraisals and investment assessments, asset strategy reviews, designing and implementing sales and marketing strategies, creating detailed property information reports, and more.

Commercial property management

Sales and Investments

Our commercial agents have a solid understanding of the commercial property market and provide access to active investors, developers and property owners. Plus, we have access to on and off-market opportunities, giving you even more property possibilities. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell commercial property, our team can help you identify an asset’s worth and deliver the best possible outcome.

We advise on the best, results-driven campaign methods, and provide regular updates throughout the sales or leasing process so you stay informed. Any advertising material produced is done to exceptional standards, so you benefit from professional and innovative marketing techniques.

Property leasing


Our leasing services include designing and implementing leasing and marketing strategies, formal lease documentation, property handover, and more. We’re also armed with a suite of marketing avenues and a database of active retailers and tenants, giving you even more value.

Rather than hand your property over to just anyone, we examine potential tenants to ensure their business is a suitable match for your property, and will continue to give a long-term return on your investment.

With strong relationships within the Bulky Goods sector, service stations, retail centres, fast food, medical providers and more, Alliance Commercial can negotiate and secure long-term tenants or pre-committed buyers for you, prior to construction commencing.

Leasing property
Property management

Property Management

Owning a commercial or industrial property is a fantastic additional income stream, but managing it yourself? That can be complicated and time-consuming.

Our comprehensive management service means you’re free to enjoy the income without the hassle of invoicing, critical dates, tenant issues, organising repairs and maintenance, and everything in-between. Better yet, for the majority of leases, your tenant pays our management fees!

Maximising income

Maximising your Income

We’ll review your property’s income sources and offer solutions to increase this income. We analyse the rental income and the rent review structures within the lease, but also look outside the box to other possibilities. This might be vacant spaces, foyer retail, naming and signage rights, potential for billboard advertising, IT and telecommunications, and more. If there’s a way to increase your property incomes, we’ll find it!

Property incomes
Minimising expenditure

Minimising your Expenditure

One of the key ways to minimise expenditure is to ensure works and maintenance to your property are competitively priced and completed by reputable contractors. We’ll also explore ways you can reduce the day-to-day running costs of your property.

Minimise vacancy period

Lease Coordination

We ensure all critical dates (such as rent reviews and expiry dates) are adhered to, and ensure that if the property becomes vacant we work towards minimising the vacancy period.

Lease coordination